Saturday, April 14, 2007

Breaking news from the set of SMALLVILLE. Bye bye Superman?

He Said She Said, HE SAID:

So what's this I hear about them killing off a major character on SMALLVILLE? It's true according to the witch of gossip over at E! Online.

Sources inside The CW reveal that one of 4 main castmembers - Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack or Kristin Kreuk - will be killed off in a secret plot twist by season's end. Who do you think it will be? I don't even watch this show and my money is on Chloe. No way they kill off Superman or Lex Luthor.

For those keeping score at home, YES I guess this makes me a TV dork. My secret it out.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

A GOOD YEAR: He Said... not really

So last night there I was standing in Blockbuster trying to pick out a movie for the weekend when Girlfriend called with a special request. She wanted to see the Russell Crowe flick, A Good Year.

Reading the back of the DVD box, I remembered why I was in no hurry to see it in theaters. Because it looked like a BAD MOVIE. Nevertheless, we rented it and watch the movie last night. Now that I have a good night's rest behind me, I can say with even greater confidence that A Good Year was a bad movie. Not just bad, but "THIS MOVIE SUCKED" kind of bad. Rent it yourself good readers and tell me yourself. On second thought, save yourself 2 hours and take my word for it.

All this movie really wanted to be was the guy's version of Under the Tuscan Sun. Had the film succeeded, I'm not even sure if that would be a good thing. Wasn't one flirty romantic comedy about Italy enough? Besides, Russell Crowe is nowhere near as hot as Diane Lane.

Russell Crowe is not very sympathetic in this movie and treats most other characters as discarded bottles of wine. Until of course he finds happiness in the vineyards of Italy. As my sister used to say when we were kids, GAG ME WITH A SPOON. Seriously, Russell, what were you thinking? Aside from the big paycheck I mean.

So dear readers, if you find yourself desperate for a movie and the only thing left to rent in Blockbuster or on Netflix is The Muppets Take Manhatten, do yourself a favor and rent the one with the dancing muppets. It's never a contest when Miss Piggy is on screen. I'm sorry Russell, but it's true for this 'Not Very Good Year.'

HE SAID Movie Grade: C-

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Roll out the red carpet... it's OSCAR time!

He Said, She Said...HE SAID:
It's time for the annual Hollywood American Idol - and I don't mean that little TV show on Fox. Nope, we're talking about the 79th Annual Academy Awards.

The red carpet rolls out in Hollywood Sunday night. So stop wasting time and fill out your Oscar ballots. Here's what you'll find on the He Said She Said ballot:

Best Picture: Letters from Iwo Jima
Best Actress: Kate Winslett for her role in Little Children
Best Actor: Leonard DiCaprio for his role in Blood Diamond

GIRLFRIEND and I are still arguing over our other choices, so we'll wait to post until we've reached consensus. What will be on YOUR Oscar ballots?


Sunday, February 18, 2007


Remember that Stanley Kubrick thriller The Shining starring everyone's favorite Jack? The one that scared the living crap out of you? Those who don't like scary movies are smart enough to steer clear of this movie.

If only the movie studio had marketed it as a romantic comedy. Then perhaps they could have captured the wallets and dollars of unsuspecting moviegoers. Take a look at the re-cut trailer below for a look at what could have been.

The Shining - starring Jack Nicholson

Video: The Shining Trailer Recut

Saturday, February 17, 2007

CRASH, He Said: A

I caught the flick Crash on cable last night while visiting with my parents. It was a classic in the theaters and just as good watching on the small screen.

The screenplay is well crafted and the direction flawless. The acting all around is fabulous. Performances by Matt Dillon and Ryan Phillippe are better than you'd expect. Hell, even Sandra Bullock is great as the self-absorbed, hellish wife.

If you haven't seen this, go rent it now.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oscar nominations are out

After months of hype, the Oscar nominations are out. Find out if your favorite movie or actor was nominated here. Catch the 79th Academy Awards live February 25, 2007 on ABC.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


WOW. Just finished watching one of the most riveting, disturbing movies I’ve seen in a long while. It’s called Hard Candy. It’s an indie flick that came out earlier this year, generated some buzz and was recently released on video. The movie is a sick revenge flick that should scare most men never to talk to 14 year old girls again. They should show this in prison. Go rent it at your local Blockbuster. Or not.

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